Majestic Angled & Spoolie in 1 Included -Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and Brush

IN STOCK PRODUCT VENDOR : 4ever / Majestic Angled

A glass jar with two gel shades plus a majestical brush with two tips makes this one product as multi-dimensional as it gets!  The DARKER color shade defines the eyebrow edges, arch, and tail. The LIGHTER shade fills the inner brow. Use the ANGLED brush tip to define and the SPOOLIE brush to blend the two color shades.

Innovative Brow Matching Chart

Choose the perfect color shades that best match your eyebrow hair and skin tones. Our color match chart will help you select the perfect two-tone shade! From light skin to dark, there is a perfect match for everyone. Based on selection made, the chart will match the best dark and lighter shades to create the perfect eyebrow arches.